How to Get Unlimited Free Trial Subscriptions to Netflix, Spotify, and More Using Gmail

Free trials are a great way to test out products before a purchase, or simply for the exploitation of free stuff for that limited amount of time. Some trials last a few days and some last even a month or two, but no matter what—these trials will always expire. But like most things in life, there is a way to get around such limitations.

How to Use Gmail to Get Endless Free Trials

Redditor Garrrrrrrrett revealed how you can continue unlocking free trials using a little-knwon Gmail email address hack.

If you have a Gmail account, you can simply input certain characters and symbols, like a plus sign or a period, into your email address. This throws off third-parties by thinking it’s a completely new email address, while Gmail treats it no different than your original email address (they ignore periods and some special characters).

So, instead of using a normal email like…


I would also be able to use…


Or even something like this…


This way you still receive all of the emails that you regularly would under you regular account (, but the services that you sign up for treat it like a new email address and user (

I was a non-believer, but I tried it out and it’s legit.

It’s been noted that you can use nearly any symbol for this trick.

  • exam&
  • exa!

Both of those ones above will work. This means that there are thousands if not millions of different iterations you can use for your email address to keep piling on these free trials.

How to Get Unlimited Free Trials on Spotify

I am a huge fan of Spotify, but really don’t want to spend 10 bucks a month for premium membership. Thankfully, Spotify offers a 30-day free trial of the premium account. But I already used my email address for the trial a few months ago, so when I tried to sign up again they hit me with this:

As they message says, premium trials are “only valid for new members.” So, I figured I would test out this new little Gmail hack to get a new premium trial—and it worked like a charm. I simply added a few periods into my regular Gmail address and signed up again, like any new user would. The confirmation email was then sent to my regular address and BOOM, another 30 days of Spotify Premium.

How to Get Unlimited Free Trials of Netflix

Maybe you are not a big music fan? Maybe you love movies. Well, what’s up Netflix…

Just like with Spotify, I had already used my Gmail address for the Netflix 1-month free trial earlier this year. But using the same trick as before I was able to sign up for another 1-month trial.

Again, the confirmation and information was sent to my regular email address.

This is a great way to save money in a time where money is tight for everyone one. You will still need to input your credit card information and whatnot, so be to sure to cancel your subscriptions before the trials end.

Now, go on and enjoy all of those unlimited trials!

If only this worked on gym memberships, too.


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